Here are some syllabi for courses I've taught: 

Grad seminars: 

Undergrad courses: 

Here are some PhD dissertations that I've had something or other to do with: 

  • Simon Goldstein. 2017. Informative Dynamic Semantics. Rutgers philosophy. Committee member.  
  • Ethan Nowak. 2016. Two Dogmas About Demonstratives. Berkeley philosophy. Co-chair
  • Melissa Fusco. 2015. Deontic Disjunction. Berkeley philosophy. Co-chair.
  • Lawrence Valby. 2015. Some Case Studies in Algebra Motivated by Abstract Problems of Language. Berkeley Logic Group. Co-chair.  
  • Simon Charlow. 2014. On the Semantics of Exceptional Scope. NYU Linguistics. Committee member.  
  • Justin Bledin. 2013. Logic Informed. Berkeley Logic Group. Committee member. 
  • Brian Rabern. 2012. Monsters and Communication. ANU Philosophy. Outside examiner. 
  • Daniel Lassiter. 2011. Measurement and Modality: The Scalar Basis of Modal Semantics. NYU Linguistics. Committee member.