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replies, reviews, overviews, notes, miscellany

Comments on Moss.
2014. Slides for the Rutgers Semantics Workshop, on Sarah Moss's 'On the semantics and pragmatics of epistemic vocabulary'. (19 pages)

Introductory Notes on Dynamic Semantics. 
2012/2013. Updated version of a paper that appeared in G. Russell and D. Fara (eds.) Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Language. This paper contains a fairly detailed introduction to Heim’s file change semantics. (40 pages)

On the Dynamics of Conversation. (with Daniel Rothschild)
2012. This is the old version of the paper, which was cited in some places before the final 2015 version. (38 pages)

Stanley on the De Se.
2012. Read at an author-meets-critics session on Jason Stanley’s book Know How, Pacific APA. (10 pages)

Comments on Mark Schroeder, Being For.
2012. Read at an author-meets-critics session, Central APA. (13 pages)

Meaning in a Disoriented World.
2010. Course notes on orientational language, co-authored with Geoffrey Lee. (30 pages)

More on Epistemic Modals
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The Language of Probability.
2009. Notes for a talk to Berkeley linguistics. (16 pages)

More on the Language of Probability.
2009. NYU graduate seminar notes exploring the application of some ideas from the gradable adjectives literature to gradable epistemic modals. (7 pages)

Modality and Inquiry
2008. MIT PhD dissertation. Most of the first chapter was published as ‘Epistemic Modals’ (2007). Most of the second chapter went into ’Nonfactualism about Epistemic Modality’ (2011). Versions of the third chapter were circulated for a while under the title 'Figure and Ground in Logical Space'. This material was eventually published as 'Belief as Question-Sensitive' (2016). 

Notes for a talk to Amherst Linguistics.
2006. Inter alia these notes discuss some ideas about gradable epistemic modality. (16 pages)

Comments on MacFarlane.
2006. Read at the Michigan Philosophy and Linguistics Workshop. This discusses a 2006 draft of MacFarlane’s 2011 paper ‘Epistemic modalities are assessment-sensitive’. (11 pages)

Epistemic Modals.
2005. MITWPL 51. (42 pages)

New Work on Modality
2005. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics, volume 51. (Co-edited with J. Gajewski, V. Hacquard, and B. Nickel.)

Of Metaphors and Darwinism: Deconstructing Genetic Programming’s Chimera. (with J. Daida, P. Litvak, G. Eickhoff, and J. Polito.)
1999. Proceedings of the 1999 Congress on Evolutionary Computation.

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